Outside Magazine is hosting their Best Towns 2015 contest and Port Angeles is currently running up against Flagstaff, Arizona. Voting for this round ends this Saturday evening.

    Your vote for Port Angeles is a vote for everything the Pacific Northwest represents: Mountains, Ocean Beaches, Rivers, Lakes, Trails, Hot Springs, Cycling, Camping, RV facilities, access to Victoria BC on Vancouver Island, excellent restaurants with fresh seafood, lodging facilities for every budget, and much more.

    Port Angeles has been voted one of the top 20 Coolest Towns by Matador Network for the following reasons:

    'Just a short and sweet ferry ride across Puget Sound from Seattle and you’re on the Olympic Peninsula and a totally different world. Port Angeles is one of those places where the landscape is in your face and the traditional methods of getting fresh food on your table (mussel harvesting, salmon fishing) are alive and well.

    Why it’s so cool

    Pound for pound, Port Angeles has the most diverse wilderness access of any town in the US and is one of the only places where you could easily surf and snowboard (and possibly even kayak) in the same day. Besides surf and paddle spots in the immediate vicinity — Elwha River mouth, campground, and hot springs(!) — it’s only a short drive to La Push, home of the Quileute Nation and the vast Wilderness Coast trail.

    Perfect day

    Check swell / surf conditions, then choose spot accordingly (Elwha River mouth, Crescent Beach), or, if you don’t surf, hike up to the Elwha hot springs. Stop at Cafe New Day for provisions, then go enjoy the rainforest / ocean.'

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