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Membership Levels & Pricing

Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce membership dues, unchanged for more than 20 years, remain among the lowest in Western Washington.

We offer Basic Membership, which provides all the benefits of membership, including listings on the Chamber website, in the published Annual Business Directory and Visitor Guide, reduced costs for attending luncheons and other meetings, and access to all Chamber services.  Pricing for annual Basic Membership is:

  • $ 70     Individual (or family)
  • $ 72     Downtown Port Angeles members (paying PBIA fees)
  • $100    Small Business/Organization (1 – 3 employees/volunteers)
  • $135    Non-Profit Organizations
  • $190    Medium Business (4 – 20 employees/volunteers)
  • $300    Large Business (21+ employees/volunteers)

Memberships are for 12 months (NOT Jan 1 – Dec 31), and are renewed on the month you first joined.  So, for example, if you join in August, your membership lasts until the following August, when you will receive an invoice for your annual dues.

If you have more than one business that you would like to list separately, the price for each additional business is $72 (unless you also want further enhanced benefits for the additional business(es) as outlined below).

We also offer enhanced memberships – scalable enhancement levels for visibility on the Chamber website (which receives nearly 500,000 unique visitors each year) that basic membership doesn’t provide (such as logo inclusion, photos and videos, and longer descriptions of your business, including your products and services):

The Enhanced Web Package costs $72 per year in addition to the basic membership prices, and allows for visibility advantages on the Chamber website, such as your logo, your photos/videos, and longer descriptions of your business.

Chamber Advocate and Chamber Business Leader membership levels are also available. We recommend you speak with the Chamber Executive Director about these if you are interested.