About Us

  • The mission of the Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce is to provide services and cultivate an environment where businesses in our region can thrive and connect as a community.

    We envision the Port Angeles regional business community as extraordinary as the natural environment in which we live and work.

    Port Angeles was incorporated as a city on June 11, 1890, and the Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce was established four years later, on August 20, 1894.  For many decades, logging, fishing, and shipping industries shaped our business economy and, although these are still important, we are evolving with the times into a diverse collection of growing industries, not the least of which is tourism.  With the Olympic Medical Group’s world-class facilities and staff, Peninsula College’s highly renowned and recognized education programs, and the historical foundation provided by our local Native American tribes, the Port Angeles culture is rich in diversity, capability, and pride.  In 2015, we were recognized as the #2 Best Town in America by Outside Magazine, and in 2016, MSN.com Travel named Port Angeles as one of the Top Small Towns near a national park.

    The Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce represents more than 400 businesses and organizations in the North Olympic Peninsula region, and we are guided by an outstanding Board of Directors and a 5-Year Strategic Plan that updates each year.  In 2017, our Strategic Goals include:  1: REACH A SUSTAINABLE ORGANIZATION;  2: ENGAGE THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY;  3: CREATE VALUE IN THE COMMUNITY;  and 4: FOSTER ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

    Port Angeles is about as urban as it gets on the rural, pristine, and gorgeous North Olympic Peninsula.  Our residents, visitors, and businesses enjoy some of the most extraordinary, abundant, and natural resources, and in a very temperate and comfortable climate:  a protected, deep-water harbor, abundant coniferous forests, prolific wildlife and marine resources, and the natural beauty of the Olympic National Park.  We love Port Angeles, and we’re happy to share this treasure that is our home.

    If you are interested in participating in, or supporting our determined growth and improvement, please contact us by emailing Marc or Lindsay, or by calling us at (360) 452-2364.

    To learn about Chamber membership, or to become a member, please click here for the membership packet or follow this link to the online membership application.