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The Chamber?

The Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce is a private, nonprofit, membership-funded corporation that represents more than 420 businesses and organizations in the North Olympic Peninsula region.  Guided by a Board of Directors and a 5-Year Strategic Plan, our focus areas include improving the strength and resilience of our local economy, networking and support services for small business owners, and community building programs.

The Chamber is not a government organization and is not funded by tax dollars.  The Port Angeles Chamber of Chamber (the Chamber) does, however, operate the Port Angeles Visitor Center, on behalf of the City of Port Angeles, and is reimbursed for its costs of operating the Visitor Center (staffed by volunteers) through lodging tax revenue funds collected from overnight stays at lodging facilities located inside the city limits.

Our Mission:

Provide services and cultivate an environment where businesses in our region can thrive and connect as a community.

Our Vision:

A regional business community as extraordinary as the natural environment in which we live and work.

Our History:

Port Angeles was incorporated as a city on June 11, 1890, and the Chamber was established four years later, on August 20, 1894.  For many decades, logging and maritime industries shaped our local economy and, although these remain important, we are evolving with the times into a diverse collection of growing industries, not the least of which is tourism.  With the Olympic Medical Group’s world-class hospital facilities and staff, Peninsula College’s highly renowned and recognized education and sports programs, and the historical foundation provided by our local Native American tribes, the Port Angeles culture is rich in diversity, talent, and pride.  In 2015, we were recognized as the #2 Best Town in America by Outside magazine.  In 2016, named Port Angeles as one of the Top Small Towns near a national park.  In 2017, Port Angeles was recognized by Where to Retire magazine as one of the top 8 invigorating outdoorsy towns.  And in 2022, Condé Nast Traveler named Port Angeles as one of the top 10 beach towns on the West Coast.

Port Angeles is about as urban as it gets on the rural, pristine, and gorgeous North Olympic Peninsula.  Our residents, visitors, and businesses enjoy diverse, abundant, and natural resources in a very temperate and comfortable climate:  a protected, deep-water harbor, abundant coniferous forests, prolific wildlife and marine resources, and the natural beauty of the protected Olympic National Park.

If you are interested in participating in, or supporting, the Chamber, please contact us, click here for the membership packet, or follow this link to the online membership application.